Saudi Arabia
What is the Country Code for Saudi Arabia?
Need to call international to Saudi Arabia? Whether your using VOIP, landline, pc calls or mobile, then you need the country code to call Saudi Arabia. Below you will find information on the country code of Saudi Arabia and dialing plans of the different networks in Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia Country Code: 966
Saudi Arabia Dialing Plans
966 Saudi Arabia Other 0.108¢
9665 Cellular 0.157¢
96650 Cellular-Aijawwal 0.157¢
96654 Cellular-Mobily 0.157¢
96659 Cellular-Zain 0.157¢
9663 Dhahran 0.106¢
96622 Jeddah 0.111¢
96625 Jeddah-Mecca 0.106¢
96648 Medina 0.106¢
96612 Riyadh 0.030¢
Average cost to Saudi Arabia Networks 0.109¢ Per Min
* Rates vary depending on company, line quality etc.
When calling international to Saudi Arabia, the cheapest way is to use VOIP from your PC or from your mobile. Popular VOIP services like Skype and Vonage are expensive compared to others. Always test calls before you buy. Some places do not allow you to test VOIP internationaly so look for one that does before you buy.

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